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Grace Beverley, the Entrepreneur taking the Fitness World by Storm

Meet Grace Beverley, the young entrepreneur taking the fitness world by storm

Grace Beverley is the 23-year-old who stopped pursuing a law career to focus on her new career as a fitness influencer.

The influencer started off with a seemingly fortunate start in life, attending prestigious schools such as St Paul's Girls School and Oxford, but undeniably, her success has everything to do with her own determination and talent.

Grace started off by posting photos of her fitness progress, but in a short space of time, people began to fall in love with both Grace's progress and personality. Fast forward a short space of time and the media really began to pick up on Grace's progress, being featured in major outlets such as The Sun as the next big thing in the influencer industry.

They were right.

In 2020, the influencer now has over 1 million followers on Instagram alone and runs multiple businesses.

"I was working with a lot of activewear brands, but noticed how much I’d want to change the products if I were making them myself"

The business woman runs TALA, B_ND and Shreddy, all brands that have stemmed from Grace's early days on Instagram and were funded by the workout plans that the influencer used to sell as well as the money from her brand partnerships - all made whilst Grace was at University.

Staying true to her fitness roots, Grace started a range of affordable and ethically produced resistance bands to fill the gap in the market of bands that were either really low quality or really expensive. This was the beginning of B_ND, a company that sold 10,000 products within the first 30 minutes of going live.

“I looked into manufacturing to see how we could produce an affordable product, while still being ethical and we ended up making resistance bands and vegan barbell pads”

After seeing great success with B_ND, Grace went on to provide a subscription service with Shreddy that includes workouts, recipes, mega plans and more.

In May 2019, TALA was born. This brand provides female sports wear made from 92% reused materials - such as plastic bottles.

The 1st collection from TALA sold out in just 20 minutes!

Looking forward, we are sure that Grace and her brands will evolve even more in 2020, hence why she was on our 'Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2020' list.


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