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How to See Where a Podcast is in the Charts

Here's how to see where a podcast is in the charts

Ever wondered how to keep track of where your podcast is currently ranking in the charts? Here's how you do just that...

What Podcast Rankings/Charts are there?

Firstly, the most popular podcast charts are the Apple Podcast (iTunes) chart and the Spotify chart. Your podcast will only chart in either of those rankings if your episodes are available to listen to on those platforms.

Where can you view the rankings?

The best website to view the rankings of ANY podcast (no matter whether it's yours or not) is Chartable!

Chartable allows you to see whenever your podcast enters the charts in any country worldwide and you can also see the ranking history just in case you miss a change in the charts as the charts update EVERY day.

Be sure to sign up to Chartable so that you can access a dashboard for your podcast, making it easier to see your rankings for both your episodes and/or your overall show.



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