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Meet Jake Lee, the 20 year old running a multi-million pound business

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Who is Jake Lee?

Jake Lee is a young entrepreneur, who dropped out of University to run (what is now) a multi-million pound business.

Jake Lee with his BMW i8 | Source: Improve Your Future Trading

Jake was raised in Borden, Kent and was studying Economics as part of a 4 year degree at Loughborough University - although he saw it as a waste of time and left to begin his entrepreneurial journey.

"University is the biggest con in the world"

The entrepreneur set up a trading company after becoming interested in the trading world at age 14, when his Dad encouraged Jake to look into the industry. He solidified his interest in trading after completing an internship at age 16 with investment bank, Unicredit. Throughout his A-levels and University, Jake studied the ins and outs of trading, such as Forex, giving him the knowledge needed to set up his own trading company - now known as 'Improve Your Future Trading'.

Due to Jake's trading expertise and the extensive efforts of his team, he has now built 'IYF Trading' to a stage where it is worth £2million. The team consists of 7 permanent staff members, all under the age of 25 - with 13 freelances also on board. This proves that age is not a barrier to success.

However, Jake had not always been destined for a clear path to success, having been predicted to earn D grades in his GCSEs.

So what can we, as young business minds, learn from Jake?

Based on Jake's story, one can see that no matter what your age is and more importantly, what society labels you as, you CAN make a success of yourself. IOTK wish Jake and his team the best of luck - we know they will continue to do major things.

"In five years I want the business to be worth £100 million. I know what I want and I know I am going to change this industry"

Feel free to keep up with Jake's journey here: @JakeLeeIYF as well as IYF: @IYF_Trading &



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