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If Only They Knew Ryan-Mark Parsons, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate

Meet Ryan-Mark Parsons and find out his advice for young entrepreneurs and what he has planned for the future

Ryan-Mark Parsons is the 19 year old Candidate on The Apprentice looking to partner with Lord Sugar and the self-proclaimed “pig in business” - a term that Ryan-Mark says will be explained as The Apprentice process continues.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the ambitious 19 year old goes far in the process as Lord Sugar is likely to see great potential in a young person with such drive and character.

“Don’t judge my age. I’m a 60 year old trapped in a 19 year olds body”

If Ryan-Mark was to go far, his business idea would be to develop a 21st century luxury concierge service, which is perhaps why he spends so much time at Selfridges & Harrods - just doing ‘market research’ I guess 😉🛍!

Whilst networking at the auditions for The Apprentice in London, I briefly spoke to Ryan-Mark who just had this aura of confidence surrounding him. Like everyone else there, he was alone, but it felt as if he had an army behind him as he walked and talked so confidently!

This confidence perhaps stems from his strong experience, being an ambassador for Gucci and working with huge names such as Lloyd’s Banks, the NHS, and the House of Commons!

“Just believe in you”

Speaking to If Only They Knew, Ryan-Mark shared some advice for young entrepreneurs and revealed what his plans are for the future.

At an earlier stage in his career, the 19 year old wishes he knew how to "filter out the bullsh*t better and understand who to trust in business" as I'm sure many of us know, business can be a dog eat dog world!

After The Apprentice, he wants to continue working in the media, whilst developing his lifestyle consultancy, enjoying TV, radio etc, which is great as he has such a great personality!



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