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What is Tiger Bites Bao?

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Tiger Bites Bao is a restaurant serving Asian-fusion street food mostly in London, but have entered some other areas across England.

Tiger Bites Bao is run by Scott De Lima (Scotty Stacks from music group The Manor) & Lacey Miles.

The restaurant started off in 2017, serving their street-food in pop-up locations.

Scott was going to buy a house, but instead chose to invest in a wagon for the team to sell their food out of - proving just how invested in this business he is.


The team appeared on BBC's "My Million Pound Menu" hosted by Fred Sirieix on BBC 2 (12.02.19) which saw three restaurants compete for a large investment from food enthusiasts.

Tiger Bites Bao were picked by the investors to be the strongest out of the three restaurants, but they still had to prove themselves to be ready for an investment.

Tiger Bites travelled to Manchester and catered for a full restaurant, proving themselves to not only be an effective team but also a viable business.

The investors were interested in the potential advancements of the company, including elements such as food quality and delivery logistics - but did any of them invest?

Yes, Tiger Bites received an investment from one of the best investors they could've found - co-founder and CEO of Deliveroo, Will Shu! Will loved the idea of having Tiger Bites in Deliveroo's catalogue as he felt the companies could work together on the delivery side of things.

Will Shu gave his thoughts on the collaboration: "I’m really pleased to give [Tiger Bites] the space to grow their business and bring great food to more people, helping them on their journey to opening a bricks and mortar restaurant."

If you would like to see Tiger Bite's in action, you can watch the episode on BBC's iPlayer.


Tiger Bite Bao's latest residency will be at newly opened cafe/bar 'Rotate' which is in Shoreditch (Rivington Street), you can find them there on Friday 15th February 2019 from 5pm - they are offering free buns and drinks for the 1st 100 customers, so don't miss out!


Take a look at some of Tiger Bite Bao's food & keep up with their fast journey and see various items from their menu on their Instagram: @TigerBitesBao:

If Only They Knew wish Tiger Bites Bao the best of luck with their journey.



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