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Tom Skinner Launches Mental Health App

The Apprentice Tom Skinner launches 'The Manifestation App' with Robert Hisee and Ted Lawlor

Tom Skinner, an influential entrepreneur and television personality, has joined forces with Robert Hisee, esteemed UK Unconscious Mind Therapist, and ‘The Manifestation Guy’ Ted Lawlor, a leading manifestation expert, to introduce The Manifestation App

Tom Skinner launches The Manifestation App with Robert Hisee and Ted Lawlor
Tom Skinner (centre) with Robert Hisee (left) and Ted Lawlor.

This innovative application marks a new era in mindset enhancement, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower individuals on their journey towards self-realisation.

Introducing the world's first forward-thinking mindset app. Far from your ordinary mental health application, it ticks all the boxes and is meticulously crafted to assist individuals from all walks of life. Designed to benefit the mind, body, and soul, it unleashes a world of positivity, propelling users towards the achievement of their goals.

Tom Skinner expressed his motivation behind the app, stating, "We aimed to demystify manifestation and make it accessible to everyone, enabling individuals to realize their dreams."

"When I was asked by Robert Hisee to become a founding member of the Manifestation App, I was over the moon as now I have a platform to help the masses with their mindset and reaching their goals."

"We wanted to break down manifestation for your everyday Man or Woman so it can help others realise their dreams."

"Everything I have today has been manifested. I didn’t know I was manifesting, but I’ve been doing it my whole life. I'm a regular bloke; I've had ups and downs, but my glass is always half full. Like many, I didn't know I was manifesting; I just focused on my desires, and I'm good at it. Now, I'm even better as I've learned exactly how to hone my skills. This was thanks to my good friend Robert Hisee."

Ted Lawlor shared his personal journey, stating, "Manifestation has been a life-changing practice for me, and I am passionate about sharing its transformative power with the world."

Robert Hisee emphasised the importance of manifestation, remarking, "With the right vision and desire, anyone can manifest their dreams. The Manifestation App equips users with the tools to turn their aspirations into reality."



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