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Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs in the UK

Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs in the UK

As the Hub for Young Business Minds, we see so many great entrepreneurs everyday, so we thought that it's only right that (with the help of our audience) we compile a list of the top 5 female entrepreneurs that we have come across. So, in no particular order, here are our favourite female entrepreneurs...

1. Melissa Roberts

Melissa Roberts is the 20-year-old entrepreneur that leveraged her passion of marketing to set up Beanie Media (a digital marketing agency based in the north of England) but went 1 further to create KidCrowd, a platform that allows for an easier, more meaningful way to give gifts to children.

So not only is Melissa helping businesses with their marketing efforts, but the young entrepreneur is also building a powerful group that will help the kids of today's world.

It is for this selflessness that Melissa finds herself on this list.

"If you want it, do it. Don't let other peoples' opinion control your path"

2. Sabrina Stocker

Well known for appearing on BBC's The Apprentice in 2018, Sabrina Stocker is the entrepreneur that turned her passion for tennis into a successful business (My Tennis Events).

As well as running this company, Sabrina also goes around the country to speak in public about her story and advice for other entrepreneurs.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Sabrina thought fast to pivot and quickly set up an organisation called CCYP (Covid Community Youth Project) that provides opportunities for those made unemployed during this global crisis. CCYP will partner with local businesses that need staff but can't afford to pay full wages, providing these firms with people looking for work post-lockdown or those simply looking to learn and get work experience. And on top of this, Sabrina co-founded Shopping Slot, a platform that allows people to check the availability of supermarkets in order to leave the online shopping slots for those who need them the most.

It is therefore Sabrina's ability to think quick and still provide value that has landed her on this list.

"Find out what you love to do in your spare time & then think about how to make money. That way you’re building a business around something you are passionate about & therefore you’ll be more willing to put in the work"

3. Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose was turned down when auditioning for The Apprentice in 2018, but within 7 months, built a specialist SEO and Digital PR agency (called Rise At Seven) worth £1 million!

Part of the success of Rise At Seven has come from Carrie's thorough involvement in her industry, constantly keeping track of the latest digital PR and SEO trends and usually, Carrie and her team are the ones behind them.

The entrepreneur's great insights has led her to build a powerful network of knowledgeable marketing fanatics.

"First they watch, then they hate, then they copy. By then, you're onto something new"

4. Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley is the 23-year-old who became a mega fitness influencer and entrepreneur - all whilst studying at uni!

Starting off by documenting both her fitness and university journeys online, Grace's fanbase grew very quickly!

The entrepreneurial mindset kicked in and Grace began providing workout plans and fitness advice to her very loyal audience. This then grew into 3 businesses that Grace runs today: TALA, Shreddy and B_ND.

When B_ND was launched, 10,000 products were sold within the first 30 minutes of going live!

Today, Grace is a bona fide influencer with millions of social media followers, but is also disrupting the fitness industry with her affordable and ethical gym clothing & equipment.

“I looked into manufacturing to see how we could produce an affordable product, while still being ethical and we ended up making resistance bands and vegan barbell pads”

5. Camilla Ainsworth

Camilla Ainsworth came to the British public's attention in 2018 when she appeared on The Apprentice and battled her way through to the final and was the reason behind one of the show's most famous memes as the candidate addressed Claude Littner (Lord Sugar's aide) with a "yoohoo".

Unfortunately, this hilarious moment isn't the reason why Camilla is on our list, it is in fact for her exceptional branding and innovative business idea.

After spotting a gap in the dairy-free alternative nut market, the entrepreneur took to her kitchen to create a low-sugar alternative, that we now know today as MylkPlus.

With bright pink branding and cheeky graphics, the product is bound to catch your eye!

The finalist has not only managed to create a product that stands out, but has also successfully leveraged the exposure that The Apprentice brought, hence why Camilla Ainsworth makes this top 5 list.

"I think that you need to make sacrifices in order to make progress, you need to be passionate about the business you’re starting and therefore you need to eat, sleep and breathe it"

There we have it, the most exciting female entrepreneurs in the UK!

There are so many other great female entrepreneurs out there, but the 5 business women above were suggested by our audience due to their innovative and fast-thinking actions.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for more great content or you want to be featured on our page, then look no further than 'If Only They Knew' - the hub for young business minds.

(PS, we also have a new podcast that features young entrepreneurs from across the UK, you can find that here)



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