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Meet Teenage Entrepreneur, Adam West

Who is Adam West?

Adam West is a young, highly driven and ambitious 17 year old entrepreneur from Dorset, who has run multiple business from the age of 9.

Adam became an entrepreneur at age 9, setting up a car washing business within his local area, which made him great pocket money at the time.

The young entrepreneur then went on to set up a small food stall at his local market, selling food such as fudge, cakes, sausage rolls and much more. However, Adam faced his first fail in business as he did not do as well as he first hoped.

Soldiering on, Adam went on to form "The Dorset Hamper Company" which was invested in by the Peter Jones Academy in 2016. At age 15, Adam was selling hampers full of local Dorset food nationwide. Within 6 weeks, the company was operating at nearly a 74% profit margin. After 6 months of successful operations, Adam closed the lid on the hamper company to move on to bigger and better things - especially as the hamper industry was seasonal.

What is Adam doing now?

Before he had even completed his A-Levels, Adam had set up a marketing company - he has since put this on the back burner in order to complete his studies from home.

Currently, the young entrepreneur is operating as a freelance web designer for small companies and sole traders to generate income whilst he studies. However, he hasn't stopped there, he is also in the process of setting up another business within the drinks industry - he believes this idea will take the industry by storm!

What is Adam's tips for other young entrepreneurs?

Being involved in a variety of businesses from a young age, Adam is full of advice for other young business minds:

- You are never too young

- Say yes to every "entrepreneur" opportunity, even if you don't exactly know how to and learn how to do it later

- Invest in yourself by the means of reading and self development

- Act and hold yourself as if you already have made millions in the industry you are in - i believe it gains you credibility.

What are Adam's goals for the future?

Adam is working hard to become a multi-millionaire in his 20's, he would then love to give something back to the community. Adam understands how important it is for young people to get guidance from an early age as he was kicked out of school last year due to his poor behaviour which stemmed from his frustration of not being able to express his active, entrepreneurial mind.

"I want to give back to underprivileged young entrepreneurs"

If Only They Knew wish Adam West the best of luck with his studies and his future business ventures.

Follow him on Instagram: @AdamLukeWest



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