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Ade Adepitan, Proof That There Are No Excuses

It is unlikely that you haven't seen Ade Adepitan at some point as he has been on many TV shows and also competed in the Paralympic Games, but you may not know his story. Therefore, it's only right that If Only They Knew presents Ade's story as he has been such an iconic figure for many of us Brit's.

Ade Adepitan is a 46-year-old TV presenter, Paralympic medalist and children's author!

The incredible individual was born in Lagos, Nigeria and contracted Polio within a year of birth, which meant he eventually lost the use of his left leg. A few years later, he was moved to Newham, East London and battled through life despite his disability and eventually fell in love with wheelchair basketball.

Ade excelled in the sport, playing for the Milton Keynes Aces and then went on to win a Bronze medal in at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens, followed up by a Gold medal at

the 2005 Paralympic World Cup in Manchester.

Many other people would've stopped there, but the athlete was also involved in the world of television and also did an excellent job in this field! Whether he was acting, presenting or appearing as a guest, Ade has featured on our TV's so many times, from Eastenders to CBBC, Ade has done it all.

If this wasn't enough, the celeb uses his fame and talent to help give back to those who also suffer in some way. Not only is he a patron of 'Go Kids Go', but he has also raised money for a countless amount of charities, recently appearing on the National news to show the impact that these charities have.

It is for all of these reasons above that Ade Adepitan has become one of the Nation's favourite figures and was awarded an MBE in 2005 for his services to disability sport and was also presented with an Honorary Doctorate for the same reason.

Ade shows that there really are no excuses as anything is possible, but he also shows the importance of supporting those around you, hence why he is a real inspiration for young people today.


To keep updated with Ade's journey, follow him via...

Instagram: @AdeAdepitan

Twitter: @AdeAdepitan

Facebook: Ade Adepitan

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