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Meet Austin Okolo, owner of BTSO Clothing

Who is Austin Okolo?

Austin Uche Okolo is a university student, studying Bio-Science, and also plays football for Rising Ballers FC - a team picking up lots of momentum within the social media world.

As well as this, Austin also runs clothing line, BTSO.

What is BTSO Clothing?

BTSO stands for "Born To Stand Out". True to their name, the team provides clothing that helps people stand out - with one of their more popular pieces being the clothing with their reflective logo on.

The company goes beyond clothing as they run a social media page that not only showcases their clothing, but also posts "Standout Sunday" videos, in which influencial figures share their advice for those wanting to be successful and also stand out.

What is Austin's vision?

Austin plans to empower as many people as possible through his personal efforts as well as his brands. Also, he wants to become a house hold name when it comes to sport and leisure wear - so watch out for when BTSO open up a store in the next few years ;).

How can you buy clothing from BTSO?

If you would like to purchase items from BTSO, you can do so by visiting their Instagram @BTSOclothing.

Similarly, if you would like to follow Austin's journey, you can do so via Instagram @AustinOkoloo.



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