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If Only They Knew Dean Ahmad, The Apprentice 2019

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Meet Dean Ahmad, Young entrepreneur & Candidate on The Apprentice 2019.

Dean is the 21-year-old owner of a sports management agency (Fine Edge Cricket) which he founded at age 15 and is better known for appearing on BBC's The Apprentice 2019!

Dean Ahmad, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate
Dean Ahmad, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate [Telegraph]

It is therefore no surprise that Dean claims he is the “definition of an entrepreneur” and perhaps his success at such a young age has been down to his confidence & emotional intelligence being “off the charts”.

This confidence is supported by his work as he has brokered over $2 million worth of deals in the sporting industry! Dean’s agency offers a unique service to the athlete representation market, offering an all-round service with legal representation, contract negotiation & lifestyle management - that’s big business! Dean’s work within the industry has led to both him & his agency becoming highly respected names within that industry - which is a crazy thing to achieve at such a young age.


The young entrepreneur is one of the youngest candidates to appear on The Apprentice, so it was only right that we spoke to him to find out what advice he’d give to other young entrepreneurs.

If Only They Knew:

“Despite still being really young, is there one piece of advice that you wish you knew or wish that other people knew at an earlier stage in life?”


“I think one of the key fundamentals to life is definitely self-awareness. Recognising what makes you happy, your strengths and who you are and then doubling down on them. Not trying to necessarily follow society main streams or what you’ve been told to do”


“At age 20, you have your life ahead of you, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”


“Hopefully continuing growth and having a successful talent management firm dominating various sports/entertainment industries”

The young entrepreneur also stresses his values when it comes to money:

“I pride my self on how I do business. I’ve always believed in ‘how you earn your money’ > ‘how much money you earn’ & if you do something you genuinely have a passion for, you are far more likely to be successful at it.”

To find out more about Dean's story, advice for young entrepreneurs and how he found The Apprentice experience, watch the podcast below:


Dean Ahmad:

If Only They Knew:



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