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DJ MAK 10 & Bala Bala Boyz

If you're a fan of Grime, then you should have certainly heard of DJ MAK 10 and he has recently teamed up with MC Group Bala Bala Boyz!

MAK 10 kickstarted his career in the infamous grime group, Nasty Crew and has since worked alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Kano, Ghetts and D Double E. 

Without a doubt, he is definitely one of the pioneers of Grime.

Throughout the years DJ MAK 10 has been able to master his craft as a DJ and producer while evolving with the changes that come over time, working in genres from Grime to House and even UK funky!

Recently, MAK 10 has linked up with London’s Congolese led MC Group Bala Bala Boyz to make the hit single ‘Mad In The Fete’ which you can listen to below.

Bala Bala Boyz hail from London and are of Congolese descent consisting of Chef Kalinga 9, King Bala 5, Orz Trinity 7 and Moj Zyo 1. This group were described as "trailblazers for authenticity, melding genuine elements of traditional, Congolese-led flows with the new, and deriving their own dialect in the process - Linglish".



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