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Do you Pay for Podcast Guests?

Do people pay for Podcast guests?

As a podcaster myself (host of the If Only They Knew podcast) I was quite surprised when people began to ask me if I had paid for some of the guests that had appeared on my show (mostly with reference to candidates from BBC's 'The Apprentice' TV series)!

The answer is no, I have never paid somebody to appear on my podcast, but would I?

Honestly, if the numbers were right (in terms of both money and the potential guest's following), I feel that I would pay!

Why would I pay?

Well, that's because I understand the power that certain guests can have. After speaking to fellow podcaster, Alex Chisnall (host of Screw It Just Do It) on my show [you can listen to that episode here], he revealed the 1 guest that elevated his podcasts to #1 in the iTunes charts.

This shows the power that 1 guest can have on the future of your show. So if you were to be calculated in your approach, you could pay a guest on, knowing that they are likely to put your podcast on a new level, opening the door to new sponsors and most importantly, more great guests.

For example, there are a few names that have agreed to come onto my show, but they cannot commit to sit down for an hour in the near future due to their other business requirements...BUT, if I was to go back to them and mention that I'd pay them to come on ASAP, this may speed up the process slightly. ;)

How much would I pay?

Again, this is all dependent on the guest, but I assume that the price would be a mix of what they could contribute to my podcast, mixed with how much the guest would demand.

Personally, I wouldn't pay more than £50 for an hour of someone's time (unless they were a massive A-lister of course) as I know that with hard work and effort, I will eventually get the show to a point where I wouldn't need to convince big guests to come on.


Hopefully, this answers your question! Yes, some people do pay for guests. I don't at the moment, but I would if necessary.

Would you or have you paid for a guest? If so, head over to our Instagram and drop us a DM - I'd be curious to know!



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