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If Only They Knew Ella Ringrose, The Manifestation Youtuber

Meet Ella Ringrose, the Manifestation Youtuber

In the 42nd episode of the 'If Only They Knew' podcast, Ella Ringrose spoke to us about manifestation, visualisation and so much more, but who exactly is the lady that has created a community of over 100,000 people?!

Who is Ella Ringrose?

Ella Ringrose is the Irish Youtuber that has devoted much of her life to helping ambitious women develop into their truest form.

Making videos on ideas such as manifestation, the Law of Attraction and similar ideas, Ella has formed a community of over 100,000 people interested in self-development - racking up millions of views on her channel!

What is Ella's story?

Ella spoke to Ted Lawlor on the 'If Only They Knew' podcast to share her story.

Born in Ireland, Ella had a challenging childhood as she was unable to walk for many years as a kid, making her feel very different from the other kids her age, but thankfully she learned to walk again.

At a later age, Ella began to feel the same feeling of being different again as unlike anyone else in her area as from age 12, she wanted to be a Youtuber - which was a crazy idea for many of her fellow Irish men and women.

Thankfully, her brother gave her a self-development book that would then become Ella's very first step into the world of mindset and improvement.

The limiting belief that she couldn't be a Youtuber if she were to stay in Ireland just got bigger and bigger until one day, she decided that she was going to move to Canada as this was where she believed she could thrive and become a full-time Youtuber.

"We all have limitations, limiting beliefs and stories that we cling our identity to."

Fast-forward some time and Ella had realised that she COULD be a Youtuber no matter whether she was in Canada or not, so then went back to her home town to continue her journey.

Now, not only is she a Youtuber with over 90,000 subscribers and millions of views, but she has also been able to turn her passion into a living as she provides very valuable courses on manifestation, using her extensive knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals.


You can listen to the full conversation between IOTK and Ella below:



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