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Teen is 5th Highest Depop Seller, Selling Glitter

Ellen Bundey, the 19 year old who is the fifth highest seller on Depop.

Ellen Bundey, 19, from Barming in Kent, founded Rose and Sparkle in 2017, selling affordable glitter and jewellery from her bedroom whilst studying for her A-levels.

Ellen Bundey

The store stocks a great variety of glitter, which has now expanded with blends such as "Disco Ball" and "Princess Peach", some of the glitter pots are for sale as low as £1.99. Perhaps a reason why Ellen's store has been ranked as the fifth best seller on the e-commerce app, Depop - which has over 13 million users.

In 2019, Ellen ships anything up to 75 orders daily to almost 40 countries, selling over 4.5k items, all whilst studying Geography at the University of Coventry.

Ellen uses social media as the main bulk of marketing to promote Rose and Sparkle and its products. More recently, Rose and Sparkle has introduced a biodegradable make-up range, Ellen plans to invest more in Marketing and expanding the range - including seasonal sets.

"I will always try to reinforce the roots of having products that are affordable, on-trend and easy to find"

If Rose and Sparkle is to get really big, Ellen is willing to work on this full time, but either way she definitely wants to work within the cosmetic marketing or content creating world. However, it is crazy to see Ellen's success from something that was started from her smartphone but has grown so big in such a short space of time - funding the lifestyle of a student.

"You can really start and run a business from your bedroom"

If you would like to follow Ellen's journey, you can follow the brand on Instagram (@RoseAndSparkle_).

If Only They Knew wish Ellen and the company the best of luck in the future.



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