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If Only They Knew Erin Moroney, founder of Nibble

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

If Only They Knew Erin Moroney, the founder of Nibble - a company that sells nutritious, protein treats.

Before founding Nibble, Erin Moroney was the co-owner of a photographic agency and an art director and producer for a creative agency. Then suddenly, the idea for Nibble came to light and Erin created a business that changed her life, as well as many others.

Like many great ideas, the idea for Nibble came naturally as a reaction to an issue that many face in life. Erin was a former-vegetarian who was always feeling lethargic and tired, with low blood sugar levels. It was only when preparing for a Marathon that Erin changed then analysed her diet and realised she was protein deficient.

To try and amend this problem, Erin looked for more ways to get protein into her diet. After a look of shopping around for protein sources, the entrepreneurial mindset of Erin kicked in and she thought she’d just make her own!

To stand out and make a real difference, the entrepreneur knew that her protein bars must be nutritious and low in sugar. Initially, it was a challenge to get the right product, but after a few hundred test batches, Nibble had their product ready.

Working with multiple food scientists, as well as manufacturers and more, Erin admits the process was tough but that the hard work was worth it as Nibble was awarded with a Bronze Innovation Challenge Award in 2017.

“I think it probably helped in some respects that I’m not from the food industry.  Because I didn’t know any better, I pushed for things that experienced food developers had already ruled out as being too tricky or simply not possible.  Talk about a seriously steep learning curve!”

Now, Nibble can be found at the following places: Amazon, Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods, Ocado and many more great places!

So for those struggling in life, keep hustling. That key moment will appear and you can change not only your life, but also the lives of those across the globe. Sometimes that great business idea is staring you in the face, it may stem from a challenge you face everyday, just like Erin did.


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