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Grace Vella, Founder of MissKick

If I asked you to name any sport in the world, one of the first sports that would come to your mind would probably be Football and you'd probably imagine male players running around the pitch as it's only very recently that women's football really came to the public's attention.

This is why I believe it's so important to support anybody who is championing women's football and one person doing just that is Grace Vella.

Grace Vella is the young entrepreneur that is helping to push women's football via her company 'MissKick' which is the UK's first female football brand.

"The MissKick brand is all about changing perceptions and making girls’ and women’s football more mainstream. I want to see MissKick’s products in shops all over the world”

Starting in 2018, Grace began selling branded apparel at her Dad's football tournament with the hope of drawing more women into football and simply uses the merchandise to drive her wider vision.

"I had no massive plan, just a passion for the sport and wanting to make a difference"

The founder admits that running the business can be challenging sometimes as she is practically a 1 man band and runs all areas of the business, from pitches to printing, but takes it all into her stride and looks forward to developing her skills. Grace has done a fantastic job in creating a real buzz around the business, turning the small stall to a massive community!

Having been an academy player for Liverpool at age 13 and a member of Manchester City's reserves at 18, Grace really has put her heart and soul into driving women's football from such a young age. Speaking in a recent Youtube video, the footballer shares her advice for other aspiring female footballers:

"You've got to work hard. The biggest thing I found when I jumped from grassroots to academy level is the speed, intensity and the fitness levels that you need to have"

Looking forward, the football-fanatic aims to develop MissKick to be the world's leading female football brand, expanding out to run football academies, tournaments and coaching courses to help girls get involved and develop in the football world.


You can follow Grace and MissKick via the following links:



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