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Meet Maya Wager, the 11 year old Entrepreneur!

Meet Maya Wager, the 11-year-old entrepreneur and owner of Maya Style, a company that sells pom pom-related accessories.

Most entrepreneurs have a similar background of selling a few sweets in the playground or being very creative in class, but Maya Wager takes it to the next level as she is running a successful business at age 11!

Maya Style is a brand that sells pom pom-related accessories up and down the country, with Maya being both the face of the brand as well as the brains behind it all.

Being a "kidpreneur" (literally a kid that's an entrepreneur), Maya has begun to attract a lot of attention from those in the business world and will most definitely be the next big star to look out for. More recently, the (very) young entrepreneur walked the runway for London Kids Fashion Week 2020 and that confidence has clearly shaped her strong mindset as Maya once said "don't be at the back of the crowd, be the one the crowd's watching".

"My ultimate aim is to inspire people all across the world. I want to show people that they can. achieve anything they put their minds to - I am living proof!"

Speaking to If Only They Knew (the hub for young business minds), Maya reveals her future plans and advice for other young entrepreneurs.

"In terms of future plans I am due to write a book and intend to start a Youtube channel about motivational speaking and how to achieve your dreams. I may do live streams as well! WATCH THIS SPACE!"

"I would say that you should keep going even when you feel like there is no way you can reach your goals. The reason most entrepreneurs fail is because they don't believe in themselves. If business owners believe in their company's and most importantly themselves, then they can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. It's also essential that you have a well thought out marketing strategy and know your target audience fully. You also need to have a good understanding of the financials at all times (money coming in and money going out)".


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