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Meet Mohs Mayfair, serial entrepreneur

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Who is Mohs Mayfair?

Entrepreneur, influencer, artist and model to name a few, Mohsin Mayfair is a seriously hard-working individual.

What does Mohs do?

Mohs has run Personal Investment Wings globally for almost a decade, providing the greatest levels of Financial Services some of the world's most Elite organisations and individuals - working with clients with over $335 Billion in assets!

However, Mohs doesn't just spend his time with Elite businesses, he also spends a portion of his time speaking to and motivating audiences of all kinds. Whether it's 12 year old school kids gaining the advice in preparation for the future or older folks gaining an insight on the young generation, Mohs shares his advice and adds value to all ages.

As well as this, Mohsin also runs a mentoring programme to help those that want to propel their career or personal brand. Mohs believes that he is the right person to add value to somebody's thought process and push them to start their journey to success.

"Everyone is like a car. The car has the ability to start, yet requires for someone to actually push the button and start it"

Why work with Mohs?

Perhaps one reason you should contact Mohs in relation to his brand development packages is because he lives the life that he is attempting to elevate people to. From jetting off to LA and Dubai, to driving round in G-Wagons and Ferraris, Mohs really is the real deal. However, this does not mean he is out of touch, he is very humble and understands all spectrum's of society.

What is Mohs’ tip for young entrepreneurs?

Mohs’ tip is simple:

“Cut the bullsh*t”

Talking on the If Only They Knew Podcast, he suggests that people need to “decipher between what’s being said and what’s actually being done. It’s all great having 1000 ideas, but not being able to complete every single one of them is what’s going to kick you in the ass”.

Where can I found out more about Mohs?

You can listen to my Podcast interview with Mohs, in which he talks more in depth about his life and his journey.

Similarly, you can follow Mohs on Instagram and contact his business here.



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