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Teenage Entrepreneur Helps the Vulnerable During Lockdown

Due to the current global climate, people around the world are losing their jobs and are having to think quick to pivot and create new ways of surviving. This is exactly what teenager Mike Andrew did after his work dried up...

After losing the majority of his shifts at his day job, 19 year old Mike Andrew from Chester (England) decided that it was the perfect opportunity to change his work life and up the gears.

Mike had the great idea of helping out the vulnerable by bringing the essential goods they need right to their door step. That's exactly how 'Runaround' was born.

Runaround fills the gap in the delivery market as the surrounding areas to his neighbourhood cannot get access to some of the major delivery services that would normally be operating.

The company operates with great efficiency and effectiveness, with Mike ensuring that he wears the correct equipment necessary (PPE) and even send out notifications by text!

"We provide the ability to have anything local delivered within a reasonable amount of time the same day. Our customers use our online app to enter their order and delivery details in a few simple steps. Receiving texts as their delivery is accepted, collected and out for delivery.

Currently, Mike is getting the stock himself from the supermarkets, but is looking to expand to allow him to supply all kinds of goods to the vulnerable people in his local area.

His community are spreading the word about Runaround, which has now surpassed over 600 likes on Facebook alone.

With the business showing so much success already, perhaps it could continue to operate even after the lockdown has ended as his speedy service and low prices have changed the lives of the people in his community.

Either way, it's great to see so many people doing great things despite the negative circumstance we find ourselves in.



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