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Mohamed Ali Elhag: Entrepreneur from age 15.

Meet Mohamed Ali Elhag

Mohamed Ali Elhag started his business journey at 15 years old, crushing the network marketing industry at such a young age - providing both ups and downs. This is a follow up post from his previous article. The following write-up is from Mohamed himself, where he talks about his journey in more detail.


I heard two of the people that I was associated with at the time talking “you can make a lot of money this trading thing". I paid 0 attention; to be honest i was not Interested at all. I couldn’t even imagine sitting in-front of a screen for hours looking at charts & numbers. They talked about a certain meeting on trading in London, Canary Wharf to be precise, and how they really wanted to go and was really looking forward to it - while the only thing I was looking forward to was dipping my apple pie in the Oreo Mac-flurry I ordered.

3 Days later, it was finally 11/11/2017 - the day of the meeting. I poured my milk onto my rice Krispies, then sat down and scrolled through YouTube. I came across a video of Alex Morton (on the value of hard work in network marketing), it hit me so hard that I jumped up and put on a shirt and tie: got dressed: picked up the phone and called one of the two people that said they really wanted to go to the meeting.

We both had a exam two days later however the urge to go overpowered both of us...we took the train to Canary Wharf, it was our first time, so after taking snaps for 40 minutes we remembered that we came for the meeting.

When we arrived to the meeting, we were shown a opportunity that really hooked us...we stayed there for 5 hours: I can certainly tell you that on 11/11/2017 in South Quay, Canary wharf, my life changed for the better.


Thank you Mohamed for sharing the story of how your life changed for the better because of trading.

You can follow Mohamed on Instagram, here: @immohamedelhag

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