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An Honest Review of MYLK PLUS

My honest review of MYLK PLUS

Before getting into the review, it's important to understand what MYLK PLUS is and who created it as this gives a sense of the brand's personality and goal.

What is MYLK PLUS?

MYLK PLUS is a brand created by Camilla Ainsworth, who was a finalist of BBC's The Apprentice 2018 - with Camilla being the youngest finalist on the show.

The brand itself is a fun, energetic entity that sells dairy free, nut milk. The idea came after the founder, Camilla, found out that she was lactose intolerant but could not find an affordable, good quality lactose-free milk. Because of this, Camilla took advantage of this opportunity and has forced her way into the market with her crazy flavours and vibrant, unique branding - with the bright pink standing out in any store.

Where can you buy MYLK PLUS?

MYLK PLUS products can be purchased both online and is currently rolling out in most Holland & Barretts stores across the UK.

My honest review

I recently purchased a pack of 4 Salted Honeycomb Hazelnut bottles, which is part of MYLK PLUS's limited edition range. The 4 pack cost £11 for the pack and an extra £2 for shipping. Within the pack containing 4 330ml bottles, there's enough to last depending on how you consume the milk. If you were to have it with your cereal, 330ml is more than enough to fill your bowl, therefore I'd recommend having only half the bottle with your cereal - leaving you with more opportunities to have the rest of the milk at another opportunity.

In terms of the quality of the milk, it is very thin which makes it more refreshing than traditional milk which often seems too thick. The flavour is also strong which is good for small doses, but honestly, much like anything sweet, it can be too sickly if you consume too much - depending on how sweet your tooth is, of course! The strong flavour does give any meal a huge boost though, adding this to your cereal is sure to liven up your morning!

Here's a few pro's and con's of this limited edition hazelnut milk:


  • Super tasty

  • Supporting a good cause (MYLK PLUS's movement to satisfy those with dietary needs and those looking for alternatives to cow milk)

  • Not thick, so goes with anything - cereal, shakes, etc

  • Fortified with calcium and vitamin D3.

  • Vegan friendly, no refined sugar, low carb, dairy free

  • Natural ingredients


  • Expensive if bought online

  • Sickly if you have too much

  • Small shelf life once opened (2 days in fridge)

Overall, the milk may be expensive if purchased online, but as I mentioned earlier, this does not seem too bad when you understand that this is the product of a very young entrepreneur with a mission - it's important that we all show support to anybody doing great things. Adding on to this, you can also purchase the milk from Holland & Barrett stores at a cheaper price. The actual milk was great and I will definitely be reordering another batch. This is just the start for MYLK PLUS and they will most definitely change the dairy free market with their innovative ideas and branding. The future is bright...well, in this case, the future is a very bright pink!

Feel free to watch my review here:

If Only They Knew wish Camilla and the MYLK PLUS team the best of luck in their journey.

Ted - If Only They Knew



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