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If Only They Knew Omari Simpson, owner of EarnTheMuscle

Meet Omari Simpson, the owner of EarnTheMuscle

Omari Simpson is the 21 year old owner of the EarnTheMuscle (ETM) movement, hence his nickname, MR ETM!

Omari Simpson, owner of EarnTheMuscle

EarnTheMuscle is a movement which stemmed from Omari’s passion for self-development and fitness. But where did it all start for Omari?!

Omari started his fitness journey roughly 4 years ago as a hobby at first, but has developed into a business and lifestyle.

The motivated young adult started gym to escape the struggles in his life. He had no goals or positive mindset, but the newly found passion of fitness had helped change Omari’s whole outlook on life!

“I thought let me make a name for myself but also a movement that can make people realise all you do is EARNED not given”

Since that change in mindset, Omari has gone from an initial Instagram post to now being overwhelmed with support, boasting over 8000 followers across both his personal and ETM accounts!

Similarly, a Youtube channel was also made which not only documents Omari’s progress, but also teaches others the best workouts!

The young entrepreneur also became a personal trainer around the same time as the birth of ETM (September 2018).

“that was a HUGE jump in the wilderness but the business started really fast, however, reality hit me and made me realise running a business is not easy, so I stopped and learned - I’m now looking to be a big force for 2020 onwards”

Omari admits that he didn’t do too well in school, but always had the mindset to do something creative.

“I can only thank God it’s to motivate people through gym and lifestyle”

‘Mr ETM’ told ‘If Only They Knew’ that the one piece of advice that he would share with other young entrepreneurs looking for success is that everything happens for a reason!

“Everything happens for a reason, so just do the right things and the light at the end of the tunnel will always be bright. STAY EARNING!”

In the next 5 years or so, Omari would love to see the support of ETM grow significantly, hoping that one day he will be able to see many wearing ETM clothing and have people promoting the brand in order to inspire others to earn!


Follow Omari & ETM via:

Instagram: @CallMeOmari_

Instagram: @ETMapparel



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