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Personal Branding Masterclass

Summary: If Only They Knew #57 w/ Sam Winsbury

Sam Winsbury is the young owner of Brandly, a personal branding company that helps to build and manage personal brands for CEO's and entrepreneurs.

Water Your Plants

Despite being such a young entrepreneur, Sam grew his expertise whilst at University as instead of spending most of his time studying for his exams, he used his energy to focus on building his understanding of his subject area. Growing a side hustle is something both Sam & I were passionate about as it's a process we both deployed and was how I built 'If Only They Knew'.

You ARE a Personal Brand

Sam suggested, quite rightly, that everyone has a personal brand, no matter whether you're a business owner or not. For example, Sam mentioned that even if you were applying for a job, having a social media platform or body of work that represents you and your expertise would count as your personal brand will help you to impress the employer.

Be Authentic

One of the main symptoms of a strong personal brand is authenticity. Sam & I spoke about how if you truly believe somebody to be authentic, you are more likely to be invested into whatever it is that person does or sells. In this podcast, I used the example of one of my favourite brands, Russell Brand (pardon the play on words). Russell has been consistently authentic throughout his career and even though this has landed him into trouble at times, it has showed true integrity and honesty. This authenticity therefore means that both myself and his other fans are likely to watch or involved ourselves in whatever piece of work he brings out, whether that's his Youtube videos or his live shows. So, authenticity is key to a strong personal brand.

If you'd like to tune into the full of episode with Sam on the If Only They Knew podcast, you can watch the video below or listen to the audio version here:



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