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4 Podcast Etiquette Tips for Guests

Are you about to appear on a podcast as a guest? Well here's 4 tips to ensure that you come across as a respectable and worthwhile guest!

1) Listen to the Podcast

This is important whenever you're about to go onto a podcast, but especially important if YOU asked to be the guest!

As a podcaster myself, I've had guests that have reached out to me saying that they love my podcast, seen so many of my episodes and would love to be a guest - which I accepted. However, whilst interviewing them, it became very clear that they had not listened to a single episode of mine as they were shocked by some of the questions that I asked, even though I ask them in every single episode - leaving a bitter taste in my mouth as they have quite frankly lied to me.

But what impact does this have on the guest? Well, not only will I remove them from my Christmas card list (😂), but it also means that I won't recommend them to the many other podcast hosts in my network, which can lead to some hosts blackballing certain guests.

So, if you want to appear on a show, make sure you give at least one episode

2) Know the Host(s) Name

Not knowing the host's name is probably one of the biggest podcast sins, especially if you keep saying the wrong name during the conversation!

This not only creates a VERY awkward atmosphere but also creates a potentially huge issue when the host is editing the podcast as they're probably going to want to take out every mention of the incorrect name.

3) Know what You Plan to Say

Of course you can't predict exactly what questions the host will throw your way, but it's always good if you have a few messages that you want to get across.

Having your points prepared will help to eradicate awkward silences and ensure that the podcast actually provides value and your appearance has a purpose.

There's been so many times where I've listened to podcasts where a guest has no real message or expertise to share with the audience, which, at the end of the conversation, makes you wonder what you've just learnt from the hour-long conversation and gives you the feeling that you've just wasted your time.

This is almost a sure-fire way of making sure that you never become a thought leader in your field.

4) Promote the Podcast Afterwards

There are many reasons why a host will have you on their podcast, from giving you a platform to share your story to picking your brain about your expertise. But between you and I, it's very common for hosts to choose guests based on their social media influence and reach!

Because of this, we appreciate it if you can share the podcast episode and/or any promotional material that we put out for your episode. This goes a long way in helping the show to grow and reach a new audience, it will also help you as a guest as the host is likely to recommend you highly to their fellow podcast friends - it's therefore a win-win situation - and is a small thank you to the host for giving your their time and their platform.


So please, for the sakes of the hosts, audiences and most importantly, your opportunity to feature on more podcasts and becoming a thought leader, keep the 4 etiquette tips in mind and ensure that you become a well-respected guest in the podcast community.



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