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If Only They Knew Rick Monk - The Apprentice 2018 Candidate

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

With The Apprentice 2018 starting tonight (3rd October), we spoke to candidate Rick Monk about his plans for the future and his tips for young entrepreneurs.

Who is Rick Monk?

Rick is a 33 year old quality controller from Lancashire.

Rick‘s tip for young entrepreneurs is “Know the market, follow your instincts and surround yourself by helpful, positive people. But that's not to say you shouldn't take advice and learn from others mistakes. I believe only a fool doesn't learn from others, just to repeat the same outcome. Having a positive mental attitude always helps! Explore every avenue of free advertising, I hate and hardly pay for advertising, I don't believe it's value for money”

Rick plans to pack his bags and leave the UK in the next 5 years or so - perhaps for some sea and sun 🙌.

We wish Rick the best of luck!

Catch Rick and the other candidates tonight on BBC1 @ 9pm!



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