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Real or marketing ploy?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Teenager Robert Mfune was featured in several articles online regarding his great success of trading binary options, allowing him to go from working at McDonald's to owning a golden Bentley.

However, some people who viewed these articles were dubious of the young boys success.

Many wondered how someone on a McDonald's wage could increase their wealth tenfold in order to be able to own a golden Bentley.

However, another story online reported that Robert crashed his courtesy BMW M3 4.0 whilst his Bentley was being wrapped...

Today, we've seen that Robert is quite low-key and owns a binary trading company... Leaving many to wonder if the golden

Bentley and the expensive crash were all part of a very clever marketing ploy to get more exposure of not only his wealth but his company.

To find out more about where the concerns came from, feel free to check out:



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