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SE Dons - The Sunday League Team That Went Viral.

SE (South East) Dons is a Sunday League football club, hailing from South London and run by UK rap artist Don Strapzy AKA Andrew McHugh.

The team found fame both on and off the pitch, winning trophies whilst sharing their journey on YouTube.

SE Dons started uploading their football vlogs just 2 years ago and the channel now boasts over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views. This has brought the triumph of SE Dons into the spotlight of many young people across the world, promoting a healthy, positive mindset and lifestyle - influencing many to get involved in football and sports.

Founder, Don Strapzy, is known for his football related lyrics and puns, so there’s no doubt that he knows his stuff when it comes to football.

On the pitch, SE Dons play in the North Kent Non-League, dominating against many of the teams they come up against - such as their 4-0 win against Sun FC.

The dominance on the pitch, perhaps stemming from the family-like nature of the whole team, led to them winning the Kent Cup Champions 2019, as well as the Paul Picard Champions 2019.

SE Dons have played with and against many influencers within the UK a community, such as Santan Dave, Stormzy, Ramz, the Play Dirty team (Krept, Bouncer, etc) and many more legends.

The team and their performance is proof that teamwork really can make the dream work!


I wish the Dons and the team the best of luck in the journey, I’m sure they will continue going up in the ranks.

Ted Lawlor, owner of If Only They Knew.


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