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If Only They Knew Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain

Steven Bartlett is the Founder and CEO of Social Chain Group, a Marketing agency and production house which has worked with huge brands such as Apple, Nike and many more.

The business started in Steven’s bedroom, when he was just a struggling 22 year old living in Manchester. The company was co-founded alongside Steven’s friend, Dom McGregor, dropping out of University to begin the venture. Steven was studying Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, but was not only struggling with the concept of living the “norm” but also financially.

Steven struggled so much at one point in his life that he had to steal food as he could not afford it. However, he didn’t let this stop him from achieving more and probably was one of the many factors that sparked the fire within him - allowing him to take the risk of starting a business.

Today, Steven heads a team of almost 300 individuals who all work together to successfully disrupt the social sphere - both offline and digitally.

Their innovative ideas have been the key to their success, with ideas such as a Bitcoin vending machine that have solidified Social Chain as pioneers within their industry. The team have driven millions upon millions of impressions and engagement statistics for giant brands such as ASOS, Coca-Cola and Nokia.

However, the group didn’t start off straight away with the big clients. Their first client was a gaming app called Tippy Tap and Steven admits he wasn’t sure of what the outcome of their campaign would be. Their campaign exceeded any expectations he had and led to the gaming app sitting at the top of the App Store for weeks and made BBC headlines. This is the moment they knew that they were on to something.

Alongside the groups success, Steven has built a personal brand for himself that has gained the attention of many. Steven’s inspirational and educational videos, Podcasts and speeches have influenced the life of many of his followers. This has led to him being awarded accolades such as Great British Entrepreneur of the Year and Most Influential Agency Figure.

Before success, Steven admits that he was chasing the wrong things in life, which he realised when he bought his dream Range Rover and experienced little joy from this.

“I traded in my Range Rover for an electric bike”

Today, Steve wants to “inspire a generation to overcome their fear and negativity“. He also runs a charity called “The Rewrite Foundation” which aims to be the outlet that assists young people with self-awareness, industry experience, confidence and skill development.


To keep up with Steven's journey, take a look at the following:



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