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Meet Taffy The Entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

From selling sweets in school to selling his own products under the brand ‘Digital World’ to starting his own dance company @wedancecompany , it is clear Taffy has always had that entrepreneurial mindset! 👏

His current business venture began when he walked into a local print shop to get prints for his dance company... but the high price sparked another entrepreneurial idea - Taffy decided to buy his own print machine to avoid these high costs in the long term! 😳

The money for the machines came from ‘Lyst’ @lystbusiness which is a team that helps fund young entrepreneurs‘ projects! 🤑🌐

This kickstarted Taffy’s companies ( & @overcomerlifestyle ) as he went from selling to friends, to selling to other organisations!

Taffy recently appeared on ‘London Live’ & feature in ‘The Big Issue’ magazine! 🎥

Well done Taffy! Exciting to see what’s next for yourself & your companies! 👏👁

Taffy: @taffytheentrepreneur @overcomerlifestyle



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