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Meet The Apprentice 2019 Candidates

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Meet the candidates from the 15th series of The Apprentice UK

The 15th series of The Apprentice is here!

The Apprentice 2019 which airs on Wednesday October 2 at 9pm on BBC 1, will see 16 candidates battle it out to prove who has what it takes to be Lord Sugar’s business partner.

it is clear that the team behind the show have gone for a young line-up, with an average candidate age of 28!

Let’s meet some some of the candidates...

Carina Lepore

Age: 30

Occupation: Owner of an artisan bakery

Lives: South London

Carina believes that it is "written in the stars" that she will be Lord Sugar's next business partner, suggesting that the other candidates shouldn't underestimate her based on her size and South London accent as she is a 5 foot 1 "pocket rocket" that knows how to "put on a suit and be the full package".

"You don't really want to mess with me"

Speaking to Carina at the auditions, she seemed very confident and was not afraid to tell it how it is. There is sure to be fireworks if another candidate crosses Carina!


Dean Ahmad

Age: 20

Occupation: Owner - Sports management agency

Lives: Essex

Dean founded his company at just age 15! He believes that his confidence & emotional intelligence are “off the charts” & that he can’t see much about him that would let him down in the way of business as he is the “definition of an entrepreneur”.


Scarlett Allen-Horton

Age: 32

Occupation: Owner - Recruitment agency

Lives: West Midlands

Scarlett claims that it is her upbeat personality that has played a big part in her ability to win business deals, stating that people will often “buy into her as a person”. The entrepreneur works hard & smart to be the best, even though this may leave her overloaded with work.


Jemelin Artigas

Age: 34

Occupation: Network marketing consultant

Lives: South East London

Hailing from a humble background in Venezuela, Jemelin claims to be humble yet competitive and fearless! She is “1000% committed to winning every task”, but this may due to her “next-level stubbornness”.


Souleyman Bath

Age: 20

Occupation: Para athlete & motivational speaker

Lives: South West London

Souleyman is a sprinter that trains with the GB Paralympic Team, having been diagnosed with Retina Pigmentosa at age 6. “The less sight I have the more imagination I gain, because what you see is what you see and what you don’t see is when the magic begins”


Lewis Ellis

Age: 28

Occupation: Digital Marketing project manager

Lives: Lancashire

Lewis states that he is a “maverick” who doesn’t like to follow rules! He may struggle to avoid conflict on the show as he struggles to hide his true feelings as his facial expressions often give it away.


Lubna Farhan

Age: 33

Occupation: Finance manager

Lives: Luton

A mother of 2, Lubna has become her own role model in life as she lacked those figures throughout her life. A studious person, education gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams. Lubna now believes she has the “whole package” and claims to be a “dark horse”.


Riyonn Farsad

Age: 30

Occupation: Events manager

Lives: South London

Personality is said to be Riyonn’s best asset; “I am fun, smart and always get on with everyone – I have never come across anyone who doesn’t get on with me”.


Shahin Hassan

Age: 36

Occupation: Chartered engineer

Lives: Birmingham

Shahin looks up to Elon Musk for “thinking outside of the box” and claims to ”love business more than sharks love blood, I’m ruthless in my pursuit of success”.


Pamela Laird

Age: 29

Occupation: Owner of a beauty brand

Lives: Dublin

Pamela claims to have the “entrepreneurial gene” which, along with passion and charisma, has allowed the entrepreneur to excel in sales.


Lottie Lion

Age: 19

Occupation: Librarian

Lives: Somerset

Lottie is certainly no push over, claiming to be “very cut throat” and uses her “powers of persuasion” to succeed. “I bring class to everything and ensure nothing I do is half-standard or tacky”.


Ryan-Mark Parsons

Age: 19

Occupation: Luxury womenswear consultant

Lives: South East London

Ryan-Mark is the youngest candidate in the series, but he is prepared to prove that age is irrelevant as he is “a 60-year-old trapped in a teenager’s body”. He also looks up to Queen Elizabeth II, admiring her ”no-nonsense persona”. Ryan-Mark has done well so far in his career, becoming an award winning speaker at such a young age.

Speaking to Ryan-Mark at the auditions, he seemed very reserved but also very confident in both his business and his ability.


Iasha Masood

Age: 27

Occupation: Account manager

Lives: Manchester

Iasha May be hard to miss as her “crazy, controversial, eccentric personality" will make her "the star that shines the brightest". Iasha is confident that she will win the process due to her "natural persona" and hopes that the other candidates underestimates her.


Kenna Ngoma

Age: 24

Occupation: Owner of an ice cream company

Lives: Greater Manchester

Kenna isn't just any ice cream man, the 24 year old sells ice cream that is alcohol-infused. He used to play semi-pro football for Manchester City before an injury cut his career short in 2013. His "infectious personality" may be the thing that helps him to make strong bonds with the other candidates, hopefully helping him in the boardroom.


Marianne Rawlins

Age: 36

Occupation: Owner of a risk management consultancy

Lives: Lincolnshire

Moving from the US to the UK in 2017, Marianne admits that she may need to "dial down her American-ness" as she can be too direct. However, she claims to be "the epitome of 'don't judge a book by it's cover'".


Thomas Skinner

Age: 28

Occupation: Owner of a pillow company

Lives: East London

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, with a paper round at 12 and then selling on the market a few years later, Thomas has become both business-wise and "street wise" and claims that being "a chancer" has worked in his favour. "I don't plan, i just do everything on impulse. When I plan, I always get it wrong".


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