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The Law of Attraction Explained by Science

What is the Law of Attraction and is it backed by Science?

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a phenomenon that has commonly been referred to as the secret of life, thanks to the iconic book, 'The Secret', which amassed $300 million in sales in 2009.

Put simply, the Law of Attraction is the idea that we can manifest anything that we focus our minds on - good or bad.

Many people believe that this is the reason why people that always focus on negative circumstances, tend to end up in negative circumstances and vice versa.

For example, if somebody is constantly worrying about crashing their car, it is often those people that end up crashing their car...OR...those that obsess about a particular car, are the people that tend to get what they set after.

But thus far, this seems like just a theory right? Correct. HOWEVER, here is the science behind it all.

The UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, Robert Hisee (AKA the Hypnotist Man), spoke to us on the 'If Only They Knew' podcast to reveal some of his studies.

The Science

So, how does the brain help us to attract specific things into our life? Well, within the brain, there is a network of neurons called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is understood to be the 'thing' that signals to our body whether it's bed time or not.

However, we now understand that this filter for your brain has a bigger role, which scans your environment for the information that you think about, which, if you scroll up, is exactly what the Law of Attraction is seen to do.

You can put the RAS to the test right now in multiple ways...

Have a look around your room, think about how much you're seeing and how little you consciously take in and can remember. This is where the RAS comes in as there's no way it could relay all of this information to you - your brain would explode!

Now, take a look at a certain part of your room...think of a specific colour....your brain instantly points it our right? THAT is the RAS at work.

How do the 2 combine?

As we now know that the brain actively scans vast amounts of data every second and that the RAS picks out key information for you, how does this link to the Law of Attraction?

Think of something you've wanted for a long time, say for example it's a soon as you get the idea into your head that you want this specific make of car, what do you see all of the time? I guarantee that almost everyday you're on the road, you see this specific car drive past (again, the RAS is pointing out this car for you).

So, because the RAS is constantly pointing out this car to you, it is therefore more likely that you'll be susceptible to additional information about this car. For example, you drive past a showroom that you would've normally ignored, but now that your RAS is scanning the world for this car, you notice it out the corner of your eye, parked in the store front. You then turn round out of curiosity and THEN you notice the big sign in the shop window that says "SPECIAL OFFER - TODAY ONLY!". And guess what? It's an offer for the car you want...

You and the car have now been pulled 1 step closer to each other, and THIS is the Law of Attraction at work.

Examples of the Law of Attraction

Now that may seem like a pretty specific example, so where else has the Law of Attraction been implemented?

Take 1 of the biggest sports stars of all time, Conor McGregor, the mixed martial artist that has been the poster boy for the UFC for many years now...

Before finding fame, Conor always obsessed about entering the UFC and becoming a 2 weight champion and confidently made this claim to the world - over and over again!

Many people believe that you must be pro-active in thinking about the things you want, but also that you should confidently announce it to the public or your peers - so that you have no doubt at all.

And within just a few years, Conor not only entered the UFC, but he also claimed the 2 belts that he had been manifesting for a long time. This is proof that the Law of Attraction works for those who obsess and have complete belief in their desired outcomes.

What to do now?!

With the information that you now hold, go forward with the undying belief and desire for the things that you want.

Perhaps get a vision board or journal to help remind yourself of the thing that you're manifesting and I assure you, if you truly believe, it will come.

Good luck and I hope you get it all.



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