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The Wolf of Walthamstow

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Who is the Wolf of Walthamstow?


Nathan John-Baptiste, a 15 YEAR OLD from Walthamstow, earned his title the wolf of Walthamstow due to his entrepreneurial mindset which led him to make £1000s from selling sweets in school.

We spoke to The wolf himself & asked him a few questions to help out the young entrepreneurs out there!

👁‍🗨Q: Any tips for young people who want to become entrepreneurs?

🐺A: Being an entrepreneur is at times so exciting and enlightening, but it can be also bring some of the deepest & darkest times to your life. So be prepared!!

👁‍🗨Q: What are some obstacles you've faced on your entrepreneurial journey?

🐺A: The obstacle I sometimes come face to face with is failing after trying something, it made me quite depressed - but I got back up & tried again!

👁‍🗨Q: Do you think age is a barrier to success in business, or do you think our generation is more suited than ever to be entrepreneurs?

🐺A: Age is no obstacle. Start younger because if you fail and lose money, you'll still have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on the table. That will all change when your in your twenties - so starting as a kid is the best option.


Nathan has been on shows such as This Morning & The Steve Harvey Show, watch a clip of the Wolf on This Morning here:


In the future Nathan says he is looking to write a book about how teens can make money successfully.

He also runs a very popular financial business called 'Trade With Wolves'. At such a young age, it is clear that Nathan is going to go far! We wish him the best of luck.



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