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If Only They Knew Thomas Skinner, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Meet Thomas Skinner, candidate on The Apprentice 2019.

Thomas Skinner is the 28 year old entrepreneur hoping to partner up with Lord Sugar in the 15th series of BBC’s The Apprentice. Tom spoke to If Only They Knew & shared his tips for other young entrepreneurs.

Thomas Skinner, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate
Thomas Skinner, The Apprentice 2019 Candidate [The Apprentice, 2019]

Like many great entrepreneurs, Thomas started his journey at a young age, selling on the market in his early teens as well as wheeling & dealing anything he could get his hands on.

Like many in their early stages of life, Thomas wasn’t sure where he’d end up, but one thing’s for certain, he definitely didn’t expect to becoming a superstar mattress salesman! However, after a bizarre chain of events, the young entrepreneur ended up buying a large number of mattresses from a wholesaler which were then snapped up by customers. Since then, Tom has built an empire in the form of The Fluffy Pillow Company, one can say that he has positively made his bed & lied in it ;).

However, it wasn’t just simply a case of rubbing a magic lamp (that he may have found during his time wheeling & dealing) & having a business appear. Tom spent a long period of time experimenting & working closely with industry sleep experts to create his own memory-foam pillow! This, as well as the vision of Tom & his great team, has allowed the company to become the successful entity that it is today.

As well as being an entrepreneur, Tom also claims to be a “professional beer drinker”, “full time geeza” & unfortunately, a West Ham fan - sorry to hear that, Tom.

These qualities perhaps stem from being born & raised in London, which is why he also claims to be both “sharp” & “streetwise”, which makes up for his lack of planning as he does “everything on impulse” because when he plans he “always gets it wrong”!

Speaking to If Only They Knew, Tom said that one piece of advice that he wishes he knew at an earlier age was to save money for a rainy day, as this was never really expressed to him before.

"you never know when you're gonna fall on hard times"

In 5 years time, Tom wants his own brand of pillows & mattresses to be a house hold name across the UK.

One thing is for certain, Tom’s bold personality will make for great TV & I’m sure his street-wise, entrepreneurial mindset will kick in once again & get him far in the competition.


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