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Meet Turner, the UK Rapper from North London

If Only They Knew Turner, the UK Rapper from North London

If you're a fan of UK rap music, then you should be familiar Turner as he has worked with the likes of Tion Wayne and Russ, but what is his story?

Hailing from North London, Turner entered the music world after being inspired by one of the biggest TV music channels in the UK, 'Channel U'. A younger Turner then began to create songs and freestyles whilst studying at school, creating a real buzz in his area.

After witnessing other London artists break down barriers and seeing success, Turner decided to knuckle down and pursue a career in the music world - allowing him to make a positive change for himself and his community.

Being brought up on black music from the 80's & 90's, those dynamic anthems influenced Turner's versatile style that you can find in his music.

So far, Turner has seen great success, working with the likes of Russ and Tion Wayne, amassing over 100,000 views!

'If Only They Knew' caught up with the up-and-coming artist to find out what inspires him...

“I get inspired by seeing people beat the odds and make it out of there situations.  I have a lot of people around me who have stuck to their dream and I have got to witness them succeed which without a doubt inspired me to go harder every day.  I also get inspired by negative comments as weird as it might sound but I feel good when I make people eat their words.”

You can listen to Turner's new single with Tion Wayne, here:



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