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Unmanned taxi drones!

Unmanned 'taxi' drone was successfully tested in Saudi Arabia as part of a ceremony for the Dubai crown prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.

For the moment, the taxi ('Volocopter') is a 2 seater vehicle with eighteen rotors & lasts up to 30 minutes in the air.

The future goal is to have an Uber-like platform that allows users to order a ride at their nearest 'Voloport'. There are also plans from Uber themselves & several other famous faces in the business world to develop their own programmes similar to this.

HH Sheikh Hamdan of the Dubai government states “This is another testament to our commitment to driving positive change. We are constantly exploring opportunities to serve the community and advance the prosperity and happiness of society".

It is exciting to see where this leads to, with more advanced drone projects (such as more common drone deliveries) and developments such as this, there will be plenty of change coming to the way we live our lives in the near future.



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