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Vanflute: Switching Things Up in the Activewear Industry

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Since the boom of gym wear brands such as Gymshark, many companies have entered this space in order to grab a piece of the pie. However, not many brands have actually provided value and solutions to everyday problems that gym-goers face. This is where Vanflute steps in.

Vanflute is a brand new activewear brand (built by women for women) that is already switching things up in the industry with their multi-way clothing, allowing you to swap and literally rotate the way you wear their gym clothes.

Take their sports bra for example, which is wearable two ways! You can either have the zip at the front or you can simply rotate it and sport the Vanflute logo on your chest - much like a fitness fanatic version of Superman.

This new brand is brought to you by finalist of The Apprentice 2018, Camilla Ainsworth, who has also successfully changed the dairy-free milk game forever and is clearly looking to do the same in the activewear industry too!

Camilla stated that the brand was brought to life as a reaction to the lack lustre activewear available in only socially acceptable colour pallets which have poor durability and can only be worn one way.

"Thats why i created Vanflute with the vibrant, gorgeous colours as its just a finger up to society saying you should wear demure colours and not champion your body and celebrate it"

The young entrepreneur is also"super excited to just keep f*cking the norms with the brand" and looking forward to finally providing vibrant and versatile sets to powerful women across the globe.

You can shop the very first series of sets via their website and you can follow both Camilla and Vanflute on social media via the following links:

Instagram: @vanflute



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