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Yash Morar, Entrepreneur from Age 12

Meet Yash Morar, the Young Entrepreneur that Started in Business at Age 12!

London-born Yash has always been a self-sustaining, independent individual from a young age, so much so, that he started his own Design Consultancy in 2009 at age 12!

12 year old Yash was so good at what he did, that he managed to work with huge brands and influencers such as John Lewis & Partners and Matt Craig, who has over 3 million social media followers.

Fast forward to University and the young entrepreneur received a full scholarship to study Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London, whilst also working full time as a Business Analyst with John Lewis.

It was at this time that Yash secured funding for his first technology start-up (Motive) which led him to win the Queen Mary's Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award.

Since then, the active entrepreneur vows to be "the Tesla of luxury" with his new project in the sustainable luxury fashion world. Fortunately, this venture has the backing of the Ex-Director of French Connection.

"I'm looking to be the Tesla of luxury!"

Whilst working on this project, Yash is also working as a Product Owner at American Express, where he will be reimagining their whole customer experience with Membership Rewards.

"Membership Rewards are arguably the biggest selling point for American Express credit cards, so it's quite an exciting time for me"

Not only has he seen success with his business projects, but he has also seen success in the mentoring world, helping many people through his speaking appearances. Notably being invited to share his insights at a Microsoft Reactor x Foundervine event as well as being a guest panelist at a Microsoft Reactor x Studentpreneur event.

As the Hub for young business minds, it was only right that If Only They Knew spoke to Yash to find out more.


"What would be your advice for other young people looking to work themselves?"


"Starting a business isn’t always about working hard, it’s mainly about working smart. Don’t overwork yourself trying to build a business because you’ll make avoidable mistakes, poor judgement, and mainly fall out of love with what you’re trying to create. Always think about the end product and if the decisions you make are impacting the target market as intended; always ensure there is a gap in the market for what you’re trying to do by doing your research. Finally, believe in what you’re trying to do; doubt can crop up at any time and it’s important to recognise when it’s a practical worry or one that just stems from nervousness"


"What are your plans for the future?"


"I’m aiming to build a sustainable luxury bag brand that aims to deliver innovation unseen in the luxury market - taking inspiration from how Tesla changed the car industry, and how Monzo disrupted the banking industry. On top of that, I want to continue mentoring and helping others realise their potential and abilities to think outside the box"



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