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Zakariya Benammor, Taking Over The Sports Jersey Market

Zakariya Benammor is a 22 year old graduate from Roehampton University that is on the verge of taking over the sports jersey game.

The graduate currently runs 2 online businesses as well as balancing this with his social life. His 1st business is a Marketing company that develops and manages independent marketing campaigns for huge brands such as Virgin Media and EE.

The 2nd business is Jersey Connect, a brand that is based on Instagram and sells sports jerseys at an affordable price compared to retail brands. Jersey Connect stocks jerseys from many sports, including NBA, NFL and football (soccer) - whatever sport you like, they have a jersey for you.

Zakariya's future plan is to get involved in the property market and invest wisely to secure a small portfolio of properties - perhaps one of the strongest investments for many. For a man of his ability, it is very likely that this will be very achievable.

If Only They Knew asked the pro-active Entrepreneur for any tips that he can share for people looking to start businesses at a young age, to which he replied:

"If you can't decide what to start as a business - try to see what consumers enjoy spending money on, then offer that at a good price compared to the bigger companies."

This is a great piece of practical advice that many young entrepreneurs often ignore, with many instantly comparing themselves to the huge legacy brands even though they have only just set up shop themselves.


If Only They Knew wish Zakariya and his brands the best of luck for the future.

If you're interested in following his journey, you can follow him and the brands via the following links:


Instagram: @ZakariyaJC

Jersey Connect:

Instagram: @Jersey.Connect

Youtube: Youtube



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